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 12/20/2004  Hey Dan. I've been reading up on your disease and want to let you know that I am registered with the Bone Marrow Donor Registry for 7 years now. I've never had a match so maybe we'll have the luck of the Irish this time and we'll get paired up once you're on the Registry. Let everyone know that right now the BMDR has public funds to control the cost for screening. I talked with Varoon at the BMDR and he said for at least 1 more month the charge is only $25.00! Maybe that will entice more to get out and get screened! Good luck in your recovery and you're in Frank's and my prayers! Anne Marie Fitzgibbons
 12/20/2004  Dan - We are very sorry to hear about your medical struggles (Grandma Jeanne has been keeping us updated from the very beginning) but I know that you are receiving the best care possible! We are praying for you and we hope that you can find a match and get the process going! We know you can beat this! In the meantime our wish this holiday season is for you to enjoy the time with your family! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help and know that we are thinking about you! Love Jon and Amy Moe
 12/20/2004  hello dan i am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis if any thing i can do i will be more than happy to do it how can we find out if i am suitable donor i pray for you and never lose faith best of luck i am sure things will work out best regards to all your family my family prayers with you daniel hemiadan
 12/19/2004  "Daniel-son As rough and tough as you've been towards me - in a more than positive way - it's my turn dang it! You are going to get through this because I need you EVERYDAY. I will be here for you! I need to let the world know how great you are and what a wonderful role model you have been in and to my life. All I know is you are the strongest and best man for this "job" and you will come out on top as you always do! - DAD! There are so many reasons you are not done "here" and this is just one of those hurdles you have to get over! God knows I am too short to get over any of them (ask my track coach from 8th grade - but what a great chance for me that I can't remember his name). I love you very much! I know you will get over this bunch of viral blog spam spyware firewall invading crap - because it is crap! You have always known better than all of us kids!!!! Love your "Eldest Kid" Amy!!!"
 12/17/2004  Dan -o: I was stunned to get Dave Lenhardt's e-mail today (12/17/04) with the link to your website. I just finished reading through your chronology of events and I'm choking up as I type these lines. I will pull and pray for you as if you were family because in a way all of us Johnnies are family. I can tell from your strong positive attitude and the warmth and support of your real family (especially Deb) that you will find a donor and beat this disease. I know it sounds trite but if there is anything I can do - including backin' my azz up to the bone marrow drill - say it OK? TJ
 12/17/2004  Hey Dan .....great chat with Deb yesterday that led me here....what a great way to inform us and provide yourself with a journal as an outlet for your thoughts.. you so smart as I would tell my students in composition. I will be sending the power of prayer and it's lessor friend the wish. Eight words in length is the ancient wisdom and mantra of wish meditation... goes something like this for you ...I wish for serenity recovery health and support. In thought love and action Patti (Darrell) Huston
 12/17/2004  Dan - You and your family are in my thoughts. I hope a donor is found quickly so you can put this behind you and start training for the 2005 Iowa ride! Be safe. Jenny Mateer
 12/17/2004  Dan & Deb: You both are in our thoughts and prayers as you go thru this journey. We will talk to you soon. Kip & Kathy
 12/17/2004  Dan- In the past week I heard about your health issues. It came as a complete shock when I heard about your health. We always think our health is going to be there forever. We will be praying for you and pass your name on to others we know. I would like to get together with you and Deb during the Holidays. Cordell and Jo 763 862 7270-home 763 360 9149-cell
 12/17/2004  Dan; I was shocked and saddened to hear about your diagnosis; I'm in awe over your positive attitude (not to mention twice turning down general anesthetic when they whipped the drill out). You're in my thoughts and prayers. Keep fighting the good fight. Tom Wallraff