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 12/15/2004  Dear Dan We just heard the news. Please know that we are praying for your speedy recovery. Jerry & Cathy Brennan
 12/15/2004  Dano- Read the whole story. Wow. What a story. I admire your positive outlook. There obviously has to be tough moments but with great medical care and a strong positive attitude [and Deb!!!] I expect to see you water skiing at a Perfect Day before long. I pray often for you buddy! Nate
 12/15/2004  Hi Dan Best wishes to you Deb and the family. Eric Patrin
 12/15/2004  "Hi Dan- A bunch of us from the "old days" got together last night and I got an update on your disease. I am sure you will beat this! It is your nature. I often think fondly of the time we were in Disneyland while we were at RBA about a million years ago. Your laughter and screaming while we were in Space Mountain still ring in my ears to this day. I will pray for you! Amy Ledin"
 12/14/2004  "Dan Brennan here. Just learned about your situation today and checked out your website tonight. Not a good turn and you need some humor. Do you know how you can tell when an Irishman is "balanced"? He has a chip on both shoulders. Stop groaning!! What is your blood type? I am a rare B-neg and a regular donor. Let me know if I can help in that area. You are now on my prayer list and I will be checking in. Although I haven't seen you in years I have bumped into Andy in Spain and Boston and South Bend; very fine young man. If you want to connect: 651-229-6021 days and anytime. Regards and the best to your family during this Christmas season. Jerry Brennan"
 12/14/2004  "Dan's Jan!!! Many people that have been a part of your life for years like me are wondering how we can "donate" or find out if we would be a "match"? Please tell us how we can help you as you have helped us. Please let us know!!!! You and Deb are in my thoughts and prayers! Jan"
 12/13/2004  Dan & Deb take care of each other and get well soon. I look forward to more excursions on your boat! Chrissy Dornbierer & Family (Jean's other niece in Seattle)
 12/13/2004  Dan My thoughts and prayers are with you Deb and your family. Tasha Williams (Jean's niece in Montana)
 12/13/2004  Dan What a wonderful way to keep us all updated. You and Deb could be on the phone all day all night every day and every night with all of the friends you have. Keep that strength focused towards your recovery and accept all of our prayers and positive energy for you and your entire family! Mike and Marcia Richards