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 6/9/2005  We're thinking of you often and keep you and your family in our prayers - hope to see you soon. Richard/Joanne Russell
 6/7/2005  Dan - It's Leane Suarez from South Seas Resort...wonderful YET VERY DAMAGED SSR. I had the opportunity to meet Michael just over a week ago and he told me about your condition. As I read along it seems like things are looking better. WOW you and the family have been dealing with a lot since the last time we emailed each other let alone seen each other. I am thinking of you and will be praying for you. Congratulations on your 13th anniversary with Deb. It was Ken's and mine on 5/31 :). I will continue to monitor your progress. Warmest regards...Leane
 6/7/2005  Happy Anniversary and I am glad to hear about your continual improvement!!!!! You also might be glad to know that we moved almost ALL of the lake Minnetonka sweatshirts and T-shirts you had in inventory in your garage during the Edina Art Fair. I set up outside of the Lunds store(gosh they have GREAT food) and business was a bit slow at first but by the end of the weekend we had sold almost all of the 5000 t-shirts you had in inventory! I forgot what you told me your cost was on them but at $1.10 each or 6/$5.00 we couldn't hand them out fast enough. I had to hire a couple of bag boys to help me sell them so please let me know where to send the invoice to get those guys paid. I'm glad to be back in to your house. It was good to see you come home for the weekend but the place was a mess when I came back on Monday. I also tried to change the oil on the big boat yesterday. I found out that oil pans don't float very well. The DNR said they would be contacting you about the clean up costs in the bay. Keep up the great progress Dano!!!! Rick
 6/7/2005  Happy anniversary you two! Andy Megan and Kelly you are so lucky to have a great guy like Dan for a Dad! And a wonderfull freind and step Mom in Deb. They love you so.
 6/6/2005  Hi Dan My name is Larry King and I am Peggy's husband (May 20th comment) and neighbor and friend of your sister Molly. I have been following your progress and keeping you on the prayer list. Looks like you are needing less of that everyday as you are regaining your health. I have seen first hand through Peggy's success how powerful the transplant procedure is. I also know how hard you have had to work to hang in there. Keep up the great work. Larry King
 6/5/2005  Hi Dan We were thinking about you the other day and hope you are doing well. I read your latest news. Sorry to hear about the rash and decreased kidney function. Hopefully it will clear up soon and is just temporary from what your body has been through. Take care. Our prayers are with you. June K.// Nurse from FSH
 6/5/2005  "It's so good to "hear" the enthusiasm in your words. I miss you guys! Jean"
 6/4/2005  Daniel-son Russ and I are very happy to hear how wonderful you are doing. Needless to say we are as excited now as we were when you showed up at Bens Memorial Day Party! Love you lots! Mom too! Ben Andy Meg & Kelly too! Love Amy & Russ
 6/3/2005  Dan - asked how you were progressing at a recent Alumni Board meeting and was directed here! God bless you during your recovery...and know that many are thinking about you and praying for you. Dan McDermott SJU '84
 6/1/2005  Hi Dan and Deb This was the best news we have seen so far that you got to go home for the weekend. Yea!! We had almost all the family (siblings) here from Thurs until yesterday afternoon and we had good intentions of writing a note from all but we where on the go so much never got a chance unless John did it when I didn't know--We had such a wonderful time went to Tahoe our cabin wine tasting and much more wine tasting at our house. It was just fabulous! We love you and hope this good news continues Rest up now!! Love Jeanne Ann