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 5/2/2005  Hi Dan & Deb Just checking in. Sounds like things are going well and on schedule. Patty has done a good job of keeping us informed as well. I hope everything continues to go as well for you! Love and Prayers! Julie & Jack Haider
 5/2/2005  Hi Dan & Deb We continue to check the web site daily our continued thoughts & prayers. Love to you and all your family. Mary & John Wesenberg
 4/29/2005  Dan Spent time in prayer with Bob K. Brion R. and John P. on Tuesday for you. Am excited to hear things have gone well so far. I have been the silent observer checking your entries as often as I can. I should have said this earlier but here goes anyway.... You have been a tremendous influence for me and I attribute much of my success to the leadership of those I have worked for over the past 24 years. Which for 19 of those years have been for your family. Thank you for giving me the opportunities you did!! God has been good to you and your family and has blessed those that you have touched. Continue to trust and he will continue to reveal himself through those you meet and the love you share. I miss you laughter!!!! Doughman
 4/28/2005  "Way to go Dan !! Greetings from Tween Waters . You are on your way . " You will like this - Guaranteed & take it to the bank " . All our prayers . Bill & Eileen C..."
 4/28/2005  Dan & Deb: We are so happy to hear that your transplant went well. It looks like all the prayers and good thoughts are working! Joan has been keeping us updated. Our family has all been praying for you both. I am so sorry that you have had to go through such a tough time. You guys are in our thoughts and daily prayers. God Bless. Love - Auntie Gay & family
 4/28/2005  WHOOPDEDOO!!!! You're lookin' good Danny boy!! We won't stop praying - our kids are at it too. Hope you're having another good day. Love Mike & Sue (MO)
 4/28/2005  Hi: I am a good friend of Terry's. He talk the world of you. You are in my thoughts & prays. Vern
 4/28/2005  Wonderful to hear everything went great with the Transplant!!!! You Da Man!!!! On another note... we had a problem with the lower unit on your big boat over the weekend. Nobody told us about the rock pile off to the left of your dock (the same one we hit with your jet ski last week. What dumb luck huh?) Anyways we were able to get it back to shore and the Marina next door is coming over to look at it tomorrow. Can you send another check blank? We got the syrup finally cleaned out of your hot tub so that is up and running again. We miss you guys but the house is holding up well. We're taking the camper to Hayward this weekend. Keep up the great progress and keep in touch. PS The account at Byerly's is getting maxed out please deposit some more funds soon. Love you guys! Rick
 4/28/2005  Dan: I just recently heard about your situation and found your web page. Julie and I would like for you to know that you our thoughts and prayers are with you. I am glad to see that you had the transplant and that you are on the down hill side of this thing. Best of luck.... Steve and Julie Smith
 4/28/2005  Dan - Glad to hear that the transplant has happened and went well. You and your family continue to be in my prayers. May God bless you greatly. Brion Roberts