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 "12/22/2004 0:00"  "Dan Patti and I are praying for you along with several others from our church. We know that God can and will carry you through this. Here is a verse for you: "Philippians 4:6 "Do not be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and petition with the thanksgiving present your requests to God". Also Missy said that she had her 8th grade class at Minnehaha pray for you the other day. God's love is evident and abundant through the prayers of people. I'm confident that you will feel God's love and be closer to Him as a result. Thank you for being a great person to work for! I really enjoyed the years at McGlynn Bakeries working with you. I appreciate the fun you brought to the workplace and integrity that was evident in your life. We'll continue to pray for you. If there is anything else we can do please let us know. God Bless!! John Prichard"
 "5/11/2005 0:00"  "Dan Rick E. said we could take the boat out again once it was repaired well now he wants to take the snowmobiles out. The lake is frozen over and it's snowing in May! Keep the faith God Bless. bbmcgn"
 "1/21/2005 0:00"  "Dan so happy to hear you get to go to Florida warm air and sunshine is good for all! I guess going in style isn't all bad either! Enjoy as always thinking and praying for you and Deb. Love. Patty and Bob"
 "12/29/2004 0:00"  "Dan sorry to hear about the illness great to hear your upbeat I have been on the transplant list at the U of I for 12 years still waiting on THE call. They call yearly on my status and address I will update my profile tomorrow. Best of luck to you. TEAMMUSTHAVE is with you. Ted Hoover"
 "4/29/2005 0:00"  "Dan Spent time in prayer with Bob K. Brion R. and John P. on Tuesday for you. Am excited to hear things have gone well so far. I have been the silent observer checking your entries as often as I can. I should have said this earlier but here goes anyway.... You have been a tremendous influence for me and I attribute much of my success to the leadership of those I have worked for over the past 24 years. Which for 19 of those years have been for your family. Thank you for giving me the opportunities you did!! God has been good to you and your family and has blessed those that you have touched. Continue to trust and he will continue to reveal himself through those you meet and the love you share. I miss you laughter!!!! Doughman"
 "3/6/2005 0:00"  "Dan Steve and I just heard about your health. I ran into Barb and she shared the bad news of the diagnosis AND ALSO the good news of your match. We did not know of the months you have been through. Know you are in our hearts and prayers for recovery. We still remember our fun golf outings and your "hole-in-one" at Braemar. Wishing your and Deb courage and strength. Sandi and Steve Taylor"
 "12/30/2004 0:00"  "Dan TEAM MUST HAVE is definitely keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. We couldn't imagine RAGBRAI without you. You're fun-loving personality have caused so many laughs and wonderful memories! Keep up the great attitude and hope you have a speedy recovery. If there is anything we can do- let us know. Keep your head up. God Bless! Christy Venne- Oskaloosa IA"
 "12/10/2004 0:00"  "Dan Thank you for the opportunity to track your progress and recovery! My prayers go out to you and Deb and to your entire family for high spirits positive energy and strength through this process. -Heather Strong"
 "5/5/2005 0:00"  "Dan This is Morgan (Royce's daughter)!! I was just checking out your website and wanted to sign your guest book!! I'm praying for you daily and I hope everything works out for you in the best way possible! I miss you and can't wait to see you next time I'm in town! Get well and know that so many of us are thinking of you! xoxo Morgan Southerland"
 "2/13/2005 0:00"  "Dan Today I heard about your condition from a friend of mine. It saddens me that you have to deal with this health issue but I know you will get through this with the help of prayers from your family and friends. Get well soon. We are praying for a speedy recovery. Cal Krupa"