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 "1/28/2005 0:00"  "Great news Dan!! I hope you find your Bo Derek but if a 10 can't be located at least you've got a good match to fall back on. TJ"
 "1/3/2005 0:00"  "I was directed to your site by a friend whose sister is battling MDS. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Thanks for sharing."
 "1/30/2005 0:00"  "Dan Hi Dan and Deb. I'm still praying and hoping for good news soon. Have a wonderful trip to Captiva. I think often of our evening a few years ago down there when we laughed ourselves goofy!. Tess and Ed O'Hara talk of it often. I'll keep in touch and God Bless. Love Aunt Jeanne"
 "1/30/2005 0:00"  "Dan and Deb Great news on the donor!! We'll keep praying for a perfect match. I was really glad to read that you had a chance to get out with Mike Tim and the family. You have a wonderful support group and we know you will beat this thing. Love John and Diane Perry"
 "1/31/2005 0:00"  "Greetings Danny & Deb - wonderful fabulous news about the donor!! Still praying here & at our church. No stopping us now!! Sounds like no stopping the donor train either. Love Mike & Sue (cousin) Denner"
 "1/31/2005 0:00"  "Hey Dan So glad to hear about your potential Donor! Thats wonderful news. I've got everything crossed for your good luck and my prayers are with you. This news must make you and your entire family very happy. Hi to everyone! Love Carol Sauro"
 "1/4/2005 0:00"  "Hi Dan - My sister Patti told me what has been going on. Wanted to let you know I did private duty and home care for years as a nurse and have worked at both the Mayo and the UofM .They are both wonderful places and you would be in great hands in either one. I really couldn't recommend one over the other. I have done home care and private duty for a child who was a stem cell donor to his brother at the UofM it was a very moving experience and all went well . I was very impressed with the hospital and staff ( and also the Ronald McDonald House ). The hospital did a wonderful job with the care of both brothers and was very supportive of the family. I'm sorry to hear of the situation for and you and your family but wanted to share with you what I know - in case it would be of any help. I've been on the list to be a stem cell donor for years too. Hope this helps a little - your in our prayers. Let me know if I can be of any help. Trudy Namur (Pat Huston's sister ) "
 "1/4/2005 0:00"  "Dan I read some of the entries on your web site. It is good to see that you have not let this stop you from enjoying life. You will be in my prayers. Keith Vorderbruggen"
 "1/5/2005 0:00"  "Mr. McGlynn- I was completely shocked when Kyle told me the thoughts and prayers are with you! These bumps in the road are unclear and we always 'ask WHY' but as long as we have the support of our family and friends we can make it past them stronger than ever!! THE WEBSITE IS GREAT so informative and full of love...Can't wait for more fun times out on the lake.. AND THE SUN IS SHINING! Melissa Bohlig"
 "1/7/2005 0:00"  "Dan I was shocked to hear of your condition. Beating this should be easier than putting up with me for all those years. I believe in you beating this just like you have always believed in me. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Chris & Lori Green"