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 "12/16/2004 0:00"  "Hi Dan I met you with Tim at Whole Foods this summer. Tim keeps me posted on your process. It sounds as if the donor match possiblities don't work at least hopefully the booster drugs and experimental drugs can keep you around long enough for something that does work to be developed. What you give in your writing is very generous. In your words I can feel that if the amount of support and love you receive could keep you around alone you will be here forever. I can also feel your inner strength despite your hemoglobin counts. I will pray for you which is saying a lot since I don't attend church. Love Lauren Brown"
 "12/15/2004 0:00"  "Dear Dan and Deb Kyle called tonight to tell us the results of your tests. We are so sorry for all you are going through. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as the search for a donor continues. We will stay posted by your web-site and Kyle. I wish there was more we could do. Our love to both of you. Sandy and Dave MacPherson "
 "12/15/2004 0:00"  "Hey Dan Boy Just got the news from my sister Sandy. My family is praying for you and yours to keep up the effort! Sounds like the progress is moving along in the right direction and hopefully the donor will be found soon!! Love ya Dave Rawllings and Family"
 "12/15/2004 0:00"  "Dan You are in our prayers. Krissy Rawls and family"
 "12/15/2004 0:00"  "Hi Dan So sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. Barb just called to tell us the unfortunate news. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. We're hoping that your treatment continues to keep you comfortable and that you find a suitable donor soon! May God Bless you and give you and your family comfort and peace during this difficult time. Sincerely Don & Sally Lareau "
 "12/15/2004 0:00"  "Dan-O Terry Rawls here. Just read what has been going on in your life the past 6 months. Hell. Reading more about it to see how I can help. Are matches so uncommon? I know there are different blood types (B O positive/negative etc.) Are stem cells so different from person to person? Must be. Will check it out. Would love to help. Praying for you. My love to both you Deb and family. Will stay posted. Terry "
 "12/15/2004 0:00"  "Hey Dan you sweetheart of a man - I sure do pray they find your donor quick but I gotta tell ya - you've always been a "one of a kind" to me. I've known you close to 10 years and you have always been such a wild and wonderful guy - full of surprises!! You are a delight in my life..........thank you. When that bod of yours gets right - hurry back down to TampaTown we've got some Zappa tunes waiting for you.......speedy recovery. Deb Irwin Tampa FL"
 "12/15/2004 0:00"  "I wish you the very best. You have wonderful family and friends who care deeply for you. Please let my family know if we can be of any help. Can't wait to see you over the holidays! -Kate Schostok"
 "12/15/2004 0:00"  "Dear Dan We just heard the news. Please know that we are praying for your speedy recovery. Jerry & Cathy Brennan"
 "12/15/2004 0:00"  "Dano- Read the whole story. Wow. What a story. I admire your positive outlook. There obviously has to be tough moments but with great medical care and a strong positive attitude [and Deb!!!] I expect to see you water skiing at a Perfect Day before long. I pray often for you buddy! Nate"