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 "12/30/2004 0:00"  "Note from Dan: I recently told my sister Molly that I am able to edit the Guest Book. I told her that I often correct spelling errors and punctuation. This is her attempt to give me something to edit. I have chosen not to..."
 "12/29/2004 0:00"  "My name is Staci Otterness. I worked at Mcglynn's Bakery for 10 years. The last department I was in was cake decorating. I am now at Cub Foods. Theresa Kassa was in my store before Christmas and told me about your condition. You will be in my prayers that you will find a donor. I also just wanted you to know it was a pleasure working for your company. I miss it very much. Staci Otterness"
 "12/29/2004 0:00"  "Dan sorry to hear about the illness great to hear your upbeat I have been on the transplant list at the U of I for 12 years still waiting on THE call. They call yearly on my status and address I will update my profile tomorrow. Best of luck to you. TEAMMUSTHAVE is with you. Ted Hoover"
 "12/29/2004 0:00"  "Danno (and Deb) From the amount of entries showing in your guestbook you've got alot of great friends who have you in their thoughts and prayers everyday. I'm glad that we're also in that group and we pray for both of you each day. We've read up on the NMDP and are joining it. If you cant use my marrow maybe someone else can (BTW I consider it better than any old 'roadkill' blood!!!). Take care fokker. Love Ed and Tracy Nelson. "
 "12/28/2004 0:00"  "Hi Dan Denise and I just read through your website. What a nightmare for you and Deb. We're both keeping you in our thoughts and rooting for you. I'm hopeful about some of those potential donors that you mentioned. What a blessing that would be. Just know that we are all there with you and Deb as you work through this. Love Jeanne Blenkush"
 "12/28/2004 0:00"  "Hi Dan Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you and praying for you. Love Cheapo"
 "12/28/2004 0:00"  "Hey Dan & Deb I heard thru the grapevine about your illness I know this will not be easy but I know that you will handle it well. Chris and I will pray for you. Dave Goodmanson"
 "12/28/2004 0:00"  "Den i kontinue ta prey fer ewe. I were so hiipy to sea ewe last nite nd to gave ewe a bic hug! I luv ewe nd hoppe ewe don neeed ta fix mi tiping! luv mollly"
 "12/26/2004 0:00"  "Hi Dan (Frank Furter) I heard today that you were ill. These life altering illnesses really help us prioritize our life. I had excellent care for cancer recently at the Mayo Clinic. The drive does get monotonous but I always felt I was getting he best care available. I will keep you in my prayers. Ann Donnelly Compton "
 "12/26/2004 0:00"  "Okay I have just perused your website for the first time. You slay me! Who else on earth would have such an informative interesting warm and PERSONAL interactive website? You may have found your true calling Danno. Linda Dahl again"