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 "1/27/2005 0:00"  "Dan Congratulatios! I am so happy to hear about the first donor. Hang in there you will find the perfect ten! LOL bbmcgn"
 "3/2/2005 0:00"  "Dan Dawayne Heiden informed me of your battle with MDS last week when I asked about you. The Wall family will pray for you to find the best donor possible. Stay strong and the Lord will walk with you. Rich Gerry Jenni Katie & Richie Wall"
 "1/23/2005 0:00"  "Dan Diane and I are praying for a match for you every day. Megan and her boyfriend were at the Timberwolves game that you went to with Megan. She called me from the game and said they were sitting across the court from the McGlynn's. I don't think they noticed you until the fourth quarter. What a great offer for you and Deb to go down to Florida. I'm sure you will both have a great time. We continue to keep you and Deb in our prayers and ask that Gob blesses you everyday. John and Diane Perry"
 "4/9/2005 0:00"  "Dan Glad all your samples went well. Betsy (prego) and John are with us in Naples and I wish you were too. We really miss you and hope this week goes well also. Love and lots of prayers to you and your family #1 Brother (this World Wide Web thing is really catching on-I told you it would!)"
 "5/24/2005 0:00"  "Dan Great news on the white blood cell count. Sounds like you better lay of the pizza and orange juice as a combination. Keep up the great attitude and faith in you doctors. Diane and I continue to keep you and your entire family in our thoughts and prayers. We are going to see Jeanne Ann and Lothar in Sacramento on Thursday. Sue and Mike and Martha and Doug are joining us too. The new Star Wars movie came out last week so may the force be with you! Love John and Diane"
 "3/2/2005 0:00"  "Dan Great news! Diane and I were so happy to hear the news of the perfect 10. We will continue to keep you in our prayers for your upcoming transplant. God Bless. John Diane Megan and Stephen Perry"
 "6/14/2005 0:00"  "Dan Great news!!! God Bless!!! Don't pay any attention to the e-mails from a guy named Rick. Remember - we agreed to never acknowledge him again once you sold the company to get him out. Take care! John"
 "5/18/2005 0:00"  "Dan here is the information you wanted. Incontinence Hotline... Can you hold please? :0 bbmcgn"
 "1/30/2005 0:00"  "Dan Hi Dan and Deb. I'm still praying and hoping for good news soon. Have a wonderful trip to Captiva. I think often of our evening a few years ago down there when we laughed ourselves goofy!. Tess and Ed O'Hara talk of it often. I'll keep in touch and God Bless. Love Aunt Jeanne"
 "12/14/2004 0:00"  "Dan's Jan!!! Many people that have been a part of your life for years like me are wondering how we can "donate" or find out if we would be a "match"? Please tell us how we can help you as you have helped us. Please let us know!!!! You and Deb are in my thoughts and prayers! Jan"