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 "11/10/2020 23:49"  "It is nice to have this feature working again. Leave a comment if you wish. - Dan McGlynn"2021-06-14 02:51:53
 "5/9/2006 12:44"  "Just checked in to see what "Condition your Condition was in". Continue to think positive thoughts and get those old" Good Vibrations" back. Love to you and all your family. bbmcgn "
 "5/9/2006 12:44"  "Hi Dan ; Great to hear you are doing so well . Keep up the fantastic attitude - !! You are a role model & hero to us . At South Seas the last two weeks - things looking better / greener from our last trip ; last year Tween Waters . Be good - Bill & Eileen C "
 "4/27/2006 12:22"  "Today is Day 365! That makes it 1 year! Today is a milestone. We all love you! Amy"
 "4/27/2006 8:07"  "Congrats on making it to the big 1 year mark!!! Kyle"
 "4/15/2006 9:46"  "Dan You may not remember me from over 15 years ago in Chanhassen. I heard about you again from a mutual friend who gave me your website address. I am amazed at your courage to face this challenge and then share it with everyone. Keep up the fight. I will check in regularly at your website to see how you are doing. Very best of luck!! Tom Maruri"
 "3/22/2006 14:02"  "Hey Dan Was with your bro Tim in Telluride and hadn't known about your travails. Great to see things are going so well. Keep up the great progress and I hope our paths cross soon. Blessings. PS: We were sreaming and laughing with Kris about some of your High School exploits with Elert!!!! Ward Brehm"
 "2/27/2006 16:39"  "Dan - glad to hear that all is progressing well for you. Keeping you in my prayers and thinking about you often. Dan McDermott"
 "2/25/2006 11:33"  "What an amazing website you have put together. Thank you for sharing your story with us all. Have a great time in Ireland. Drink plenty of Guinness (or Murphy's). If you have time take a trip to Blarney Castle and kiss the stone (actually a wall) - it will charge your own blarney back up! Let me know when you get back and I will buy you a beer. Brian Crevoiserat"
 "2/24/2006 11:58"  "Dan- Both Jo and me think about you and pray that you will be able to live a normal life very soon. Keep the faith and he will heal. Cordell and Jo"